Never break the chain

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue playable unrated
Created 2019-06-16
Last Modified 2019-06-16
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Description 400

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very difficult to figure out the optimal path and i mean that in the best way.

for this map and so many of your others, your ability to make the gameplay engaging across all skill levels is impressive.
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Well done.


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Yes, it was in my head as the tiles are a stylized chain.

Awesome fun

Really nice level to run around in, I would say if anything that the right double thwumps feel a little different to the rest of the level, but really enjoyed it all.
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Good to be back

And good to see so many of you here.

And yeh, relaxed but fun is what I was aiming for. Low pressure for each individual section, but the maps length meaning you have to keep your attention.
Feels kind of peaceful and balanced, and has some really interesting pathing options. Laser blocking off chimneys at the end is great, I bet you can make it through if you're speedy or use a different path but it's a pretty perfect threat. Congrats on 400 and wb!
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Pretty cool.
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i panicked with the exit switch section but managed to escape at the last second!
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I especially liked the chimney on the right, very elegant map. deeeeeemo
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