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Author gseets
Tags author:gseets jumper mines playable rated
Created 2019-06-16
Last Modified 2019-06-16
by 5 people.
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Description Hey NUMA, I haven't been here for sooo long!! I've forgotten my username and password, but still want to contribute again. Really cool to see that the regulars of this community are still around!

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Other route

Shame this route is a bit slower at the end, I like it more than some of the faster routes here.
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Short and sweet

Here's a faster agd.
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Nice demos guys

Couple of lines I didn't think would be any fast!


reckon sub 400 should be easy
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slow demo
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hoped I might squeeze by your demos tempus. Cool map! mines shapes and map scale both feel like a throw back to older maps. Good pathing options, gauss has good coverage without being too frustrating.
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I don't remember my username! I was just a kid and my maps were pretty terrible anyway haha

& another
who were you, previously?
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here's one
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