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Author anco
Tags author:anco puzzle unrated
Created 2019-06-28
Last Modified 2019-06-28
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Description A floorguard puzzle - will post a solution later, see if you can figure out the AGD

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im 100% stumped and quite frustrated
excellent puzzle




My route, though for some reason I couldn't nail the bb-trick Aids demonstrated that is the key to the AGD. I think the route to the exit from where I died is pretty obvious.
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A slightly different route to my own but works just as well :D

I did it.

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i can't for the life of me work out how to get the bottom gold. eagerly awaiting your demo!

sweet map

shuffling the drone around is a nice touch

Death demo.

Fuck me, this is a tough one. I'm stuck with the lower gold.
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Slow completion

Whew, really liking this, not sure how to get the gold yet but hopefully might figure that out another day. Completion path is probs not optimal, my strategy is to do what feels puzzly and go from there, less so try to analyse the map and work out what I need to do haha.
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ahah oh man

bit embarrassed – I'd gone into puzzle mode and figured the floor guard would need to be on the other side of the area as you left, so that you wouldn't blocked from entering the left at another time. I'd figured it so early on that it had just become part of my path, thinking it was an important step even though it did nothing haha. So I was doing 2 quick hops under the 7 to allow the fg path and trigger it back to the other side. (Though writing that.. the quick hops would just leave it to block that path.. maybe at some point my brain transitioned to keeping it on that side to no block the descent from chimney haha.. oof)

tldr: I should /not/ have attempted this so soon after waking up
There is an easier one as well
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You might be doing it one way, when you could do it another way - I've never died with that jump and didn't expect a person to find it challenging. I'll try it with a 1-tile - just have to check that doesn't present any cheating opportunities.
I'm finding the 7 tile you jump under to move floor guard on the right and fall below frustrating each run though. If i'm going about it correctly, it's an awkward difficulty spike amongst an otherwise really enjoyable puzzle to figure out. Would pref a 1-tile