Peering Into Your Soul

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Author jasdanu
Tags author:jasdanu playable skull unrated
Created 2019-07-20
Last Modified 2019-07-20
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Description I just wanted to make a skull map.

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Surprised you guys enjoyed playing this. I just wanted to show the skull I made, but didn't want just a basic tileset.

I used the absolute minimum when it came to objects xD


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Fun short map.

Demo Data

To my knowlwdge,

only getting 2 pieces is worth it unless something else is faster
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im almost positive i got it while highscoring, but didnt realize it was faster than your run at the time xD idk if i did anything different like that, i dont think so...
On the SR myself. I keep missing it on the slide after getting the door switch.

Maybe if I hit the top corner and avoid the slide on the diamond then 90 is a possibility

k, best im getting
dont think your speedrun is maxed btw
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Demo Data

Demo Data

take 2, same score
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high-scoring, take 1
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