Bring Home The Gold v2

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Author ChemLogic89
Tags author:chemlogic89 mines unrated
Created 2019-07-26
Last Modified 2019-07-26
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Description Here's an updated version of my old map, "Bring Home The Gold". Link below. Obviously, the title no longer works, as I ditched all of the gold. I also toned down the difficulty a bit, so the map would be more accessible. So, tell me what you guys think. Comments, suggestions, rates, etc. are appreciated.

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don't believe u

post a demo


It's meant to be a tough one, but I played through it to make sure it's doable. Thanks far playing. 👍

yeah, stick with v1.4 or nreality
would love to see a demo on this, can't do it in either direction
i'll try to play thru all your new maps soonish


I made and tested all of my levels using 1.4, as the editor in 2.0 doesn't appear to work properly. Figured it was easier to just have just one version of the game.


I certainly did.

did you test any of these maps? not trying to be offensive, but they seem to have some real issues

see demo, afai can tell it's not possible. no rating
Demo Data


Yeah, I did. Could've ditched the mine, though. No rate?
Did you mean to leave that rocket launcher under the mine?