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Author ChemLogic89
Tags amoeba author:chemlogic89 unrated
Created 2019-07-26
Last Modified 2019-07-26
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Description Here ya go, guys! This is the updated version of my old map, "Amoeba". Link below. I didn't wanna mess with the tileset of this map, as I think it's kinda cool looking. I wanted to liven it up a bit, though. That's what all those new enemies are for. :)
As always, I'd love to hear what you guys think, and rate and leave demos if ya don't mind. Enjoy!

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just some thoughts ^_^ []


I appreciate your advice. Perhaps I'll do some tweaking.


this is a super solid foundation, with a couple problems that keep it from being as enjoyable as it should be. Most importantly, the sheer quantity of gauss turrets makes it completely unpredictable as to when the enemies fire --- this is very frustrating, especially when dealing with lasers, which require good planning. Most of the enemies in this map do very little, anyway, so it should be quite easy to fix this. Secondly, it's a nice relaxed map, except for one part --- getting the exit switch. This is personal preference, but I really don't enjoy that sort of difficulty spike. (Perhaps, too, it would be easy if the enemies fired when you expect them to.)

I don't wanna sound like I'm trashing the map or anything, it's solid, just thought I'd mention some areas you could work on.
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