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Author ChemLogic89
Tags author:chemlogic89 lasers maze unrated
Created 2019-07-29
Last Modified 2019-07-29
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Description Here it is, guys. My update to the last of my old maps, which is also my favorite, "Choice". The link is below. I've always been really happy with this map's tileset, so I didn't change it, save for a little "flare" around its border. I'm also still quite happy with object and enemy placement, so no changes there, save for swapping the chaingun drones for laser drones, as I prefer them, since you can see where they're targeting. I also removed all gold and changed the player's starting position, and removed the oneway platform under the gauss turret, as this setup just makes more sense to me. That's pretty much it. I'd love to hear what you guys think of the update, as well as the original. Please rate and comment. Thanks!

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i wouldnt bother spicing it up, i'd just get rid of the run around the end. (that said, it doesnt bother me at all; it's at the end, and you cant really mess it up.) the inside is a cute routing challenge.
How would you suggest spicing it up?

agd demo

Fun little map, the run around the edge at the end could have been more exciting in my opinion.

3.5/5 (rounded up)
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