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Author ChemLogic89
Tags author:chemlogic89 bounce unrated
Created 2019-08-01
Last Modified 2019-08-01
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Description For this map, I just started foolin' around with different ideas for the tileset till I found one that I thought could make a fun map. Then, I just filled in the "holes" with all the other stuff. I'm actually with how this one turned out. Please leave comments, suggestions, and demos, and please rate. Thanks, all.

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rockets are a bit too much for me.

I'm glad you liked.

I appreciate the thorough review. Pretty sure I used nReality for this one. No rate here, either?

i got all the gold, cheated through multiple doors, and still timed out. cant grab the demo cuz it was too long.

a lot of the gausses worked nicely here. i feel like the thwumps didnt contribute anything to the level. the rockets were good & tough, making the gold a nice challenge; however, i'd say the middle gold is too difficult compared to how easy the rest of the map is. it's the only real challenge, and the awkward tiles & mine make it very hard.

you should be aware that 1.4 lets you squeeze through certain tile configurations. i'll add a demo showing how some of these doors can be bypassed.

one of my favorites from you, for sure. i think it could do with a bit more variety and a bit less needless back-and-forth.
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