Get To The Top v2 (fixed)

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Author ChemLogic89
Tags author:chemlogic89 fixed redo thwumps unrated
Created 2019-08-01
Last Modified 2019-08-07
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Description Here's another update to one of my old maps, "Get To The Top". The link is below. Basically, I just wanted to make the map more fun and more appealing to the eye. Tell me what you guys think, and don't forget to rate. Thanks!

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Locked door didn't work for me either.
Agree with Tempus, was an ok little climbing/speed challenge, but didn't have much more than that. Could've used a lot more personality, felt a little dry.
Personally, if I were to make a similar map, I might've varied the tile positioning to create a more engaging mix of jumps.
With a map like this, there's also a lot of room to use objects and, in particular, tiles, to give it some sense of atmosphere or visual excitement. There can be value to keeping it simple, but I think making this feel more thematically rich, like 'climb over treacherous pit, surrounded by an eroding landscape' or some other sense of environment or style can help a map be more exciting.
If anything I maybe get a mechanical kind of vibe from the map as it is, with the towers of launchpads in particular, so maybe that could've been leaned into.
Interesting to see the difference between the original map and this one, the elevation of the map does help make it a more tense and engaging experience, but it still feels like a bit of a draft to me more than a fully developed map.

I think

Think I used nReality for this one. Worked just fine. No rate?

do you test your levels in v1.4 or v2? because you can't get through the locked door in 1.4

the map's fine. didn't enjoy collecting the gold, kinda tedious and repetitive, but it's probably not a problem for better players.