1-0 Highway

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Author DW40
Tags author:dw40 unrated wander
Created 2019-08-24
Last Modified 2019-08-24
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nice image!
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Very nice graphics

but the inability to walljump makes this map harder than it should be


almost there, died right before the exit
fun map once i knew what to do! the highway is super manageable. i should probably just watch your demos first on these, but i feel like half the fun is exploring, and hopefully it's useful for me to note points of confusion. and, as always, remember that im garbage at video games.
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after dozens and dozens of tries i finally got the first switch & fell to my death.

didn't realize the enno signpole was solid and died a couple times trying to get through that. that's gonna be the extent of my progress, i'm afraid.

visually incredible, i've been admiring this for a while but it's even better in motion. the lighting is fab, and you capture the atmosphere of the highway so perfectly, i love it. the grafitti is adorable.

took me quite a while to realize that the speedy drones were safe and, indeed, vital.

aaaaaaaand i just watched your demo. i've been trying to jump from the cars, didn't see the trap door. i'll give this another go and report back x_x

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