Within the Asteroid Belt

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu conceptual puzzle unrated
Created 2019-09-21
Last Modified 2019-09-21
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Map Data

Description Decided to make a semi-puzzle/action map with the concept I found ages ago.

I made a map with it before but I had used Godless [] tiles.

Figured it was high time I used a tileset of my own :P

(Check comments for a demo)

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I took a few things out as the map started feeling claustrophobic. Glad I did since it ended up playing way smoother overall


sweet map

glitch works nicely, difficulty on point for me.

I died the same way on a near perfect run with a few amounts of tight squeezes past the drones.
Nothing irritates me more than that xD

i tried

death demo too long to share, died on the mine before the exit switch

solid map. idk that the central gimmick adds a ton, but the drones & mines work really well here, and very nice route.


i’m nominating ChrisE for best comment.


My wife spends a lot of time complaining about the timing of my ejections.


You can manipulate how far the door will eject you.
Once you get the hang of the timing of the ejection it becomes much easier

Hope you all enjoy it once you get used to it <3

My initial run

Here's the route. Plenty room for improvement which I will do later. Just wanted to show 1 of 2 routes for the map.
Demo Data

Demo/Concept Map

Demo of how the concept works can be found Here []

Original Concept Map []