Lair of the Fallen Ogre

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Author jasdanu
Tags action adventure author:jasdanu playable unrated
Created 2019-10-31
Last Modified 2019-10-31
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Description Legends have been told of the hidden treasure of the Fallen Ogre. Countless amounts of gold stored away within his dungeon; long forgotten.

You have traveled for months on end to find the entrance of this dungeon hidden deep within the Frost Mountains. You slowly open the door, as to prepare yourself for any danger.

Little did you know that in his last days, The Fallen Ogre spent his time to set up traps and measures to kill anyone that would dare take his treasure. As you walk you in, you look down only to see the skeletons of previous adventurers sprawled in a pit.

All of a sudden a fire burns within you, with just one mission. To grab the hidden gold in the dungeon, and to come out safely.

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