A Break in Reality

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu hanger playable unrated
Created 2019-11-06
Last Modified 2019-11-06
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Description It wasn't until N woke up that he realized what was going on. He was trapped within his mind; subject to his own subconscious.

However something felt wrong; something ominous. That was when he saw what it was. N, the greatest ninja to ever live, was looking at his mind split into half. His corpus callosum was cut in half. He was subject to scientists playing around his mind hoping to use him under their control.

There is only one way for him to survive, fight his way out of his subconscious and regain what little control he would have over his body. Then subdue the very scientists experimenting on him, to fix his brain.

P.S. Used a previous map showing these tiles that I came across. Made use of them and made an action map.

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