Hanging Towers of Babylon

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu playable tiles unrated
Created 2019-11-13
Last Modified 2019-11-13
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Description No idea what I wanted to do with these tiles. Made an easy simple map for Highscoring and Speedrunning.

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I know

It's like I said, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it. I tried making those 2 different but meh, it's all good. I'm okay with how it turned out

2nd try agd

Hard to go wrong with some bounceblocks and a rocket. If I had to give some advice I would say the leftmost and rightmost columns play pretty much exactly the same so some variety would be nice instead of doing the same thing twice.
Demo Data
pretty fun
Demo Data
plays like one of those metanet column 70 episode enders, very very difficult to AGD for me