Laser Grid Evolved

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu modded nreality playable unrated
Created 2019-11-17
Last Modified 2019-11-17
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Description Since I finally figured out where I was messing up with the modded drones, I decided to make something simple that lets me gauge how you all like this for now.

This is fairly difficult. There are multiple routes for both SR and HS.

Every laser is the same speed with the exception of the bottom right one. Mines are mainly there for aesthetics (the ones that aren't within the walls spaces).

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This is awesome!

I feel like I'm pulling off a heist. Planning is essential.

Missed 4 gold, guess I have to come back later.
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but neatly put together

A admit

Getting a HS is difficult tbh. I still have yet to get one that isn't pathetically slow. But I will soon.

Demo SR

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