War of the Ants

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Author script
Tags action author:script flow race rated war-of-the-ants
Created 2019-11-22
Last Modified 2019-11-22
by 5 people.
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Description In Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, and Indonesian, TV static is called "war of the ants."

Here's Bjork talking about her TV: Isn't she cute? []

And here's a map that looks a bit like a TV.
Tested by Amibe, Audrey, Jasdanu, and Yahoozy. Thanks!


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love this map

everything's so well placed, great rhythm of play


this looks really cool

Good map!

dk if this flow is entirely right but was fun.
Demo Data


Got that nice 192.000 :P
Demo Data


Every time is see Danish, I'm reminded of my own name :P

Loved this while

playtesting <3

Loved this while

playtesting <3

this map is

well constructed