03.1 Now, a risk assessment

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Author RandomDigits
Tags author:randomdigits jumper second-tier sky-jumper unrated we-took-to-the-sky
Created 2020-05-20
Last Modified 2020-05-20
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Description WE TOOK TO THE SKY (The World Was Ours, Pt. I) []

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Couldn't get nreality portion working, but got 1.4 from the nreality DL folder going, woo!

Yeah, was thinking Catalina was the problem. Steam has warnings about some games not being able to work as 'Apple is dropping support for 32-bit Mac applications in October with their release of macOS Catalina 10.15''.

But yeah stoked to be able to play again. Nice map! particularly liked the easier jump across the exit area to get up to exit key area. Feels like something that could be worked into an action map to make traversing it feel a little more deliberate and structured
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As for the level itself, I really like it. I enjoyed the stripped-back feel that harkened back to jumpers of yore.
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