A Kiss From A Drone

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise drone jump unrated
Created 2020-05-27
Last Modified 2020-05-27
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Description Playtested by Ardee [].

A very big jump.

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I figured the drone is more of an atmospheric thing, to inhabit the space. I think my definition of gameplay is a bit narrower than yours, but do agree that the atmosphere and feel of a map do contribute to the gameplay.

You know what?

I said "it does basically nothing for gameplay" but I actually consider atmospherics a part of gameplay because they influence the mindset and experience of the player as they play the map, so I would say it does do something for gameplay, just not with the literal movements of the ninja.


My attitude playtesting the map without the drone was completely different from when I played the map with the drone, even after I knew its path. Yeah, it does basically nothing for gameplay, but atmospherically at least for me, it is necessary. I would actually say it ties the map together.
I like the look and simplicity of it. I found getting out of the gold shafts kinda tedious with the inward-facing 8-tiles though and the drone didn't do anything
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Phenomenal map. Love it!


I really like how simple this is! The very big jump is definitely the centerpiece and the drone adds to the atmosphere for sure!
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