Hot as LCD Sun

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2020-06-02
Last Modified 2022-01-17
by 13 people.
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Description New Level 2020

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hot stuff!

ur z snapping is fiYAH
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faved 2020

5niped and 0aved


Agree with lsudny about the bottom part feeling like a diff game, in a refreshing way. I think my favourite part is the simple tile/mine set up to get to the exit key and back though. Z-snap moments are really fun, and of course into the drones, espeshing the bunched up 6, and the extra flavour/variation they provide
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Really distinctive object placement. I like how you took advantage of z-snapping, including the mines on the ends of the launchpads. I like how the tiles guide the player for the jump to the exit key. It's a pretty intricate map, and yet I think there's a minimalistic element to it, everything serves a purpose here.
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lovely map

reminded me of all those fun brickman levels. these days i can't play this game for shit though.
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fun map

love the style. the bottom part felt like a different game altogether
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Fun level.

Interesting mechanics and some nice stylings.

I don't particularly like the bottom section. The rest of the map is really pleasant to play though.

I'm so bad at mine jumps now...



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