Diagonal Congo

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Author Kablizzy
Tags 1.4 action ampersand author:kablizzy legacy playable unrated
Created 2020-06-06
Last Modified 2020-06-06
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Description We generally shied away from maps with two exits - just from a basic design standpoint, but I believe that this one, in particular, is exceptionally well-done. The only thing that realistically bothers me is that single gold that's out of place.

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Gold from the "middle part" is not the hardest to get, but it is really satisfying.

nice map

felt the corners were clunky in some places, but I like the idea of using exclusively 1-tiles. the nonlinearity is nice!


I missed the very last jump and fell onto a mine below the right exit, hahaha! This map is super fun! The gausses keep you moving, and there are just tiny spaces to dodge them. The 1-tiles are really great to climb back up the middle quickly. It takes a bit of thought to figure out how to lure the gausses' sight away for long enough to get the gold right next to them. And the tiles look good. I love it.
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