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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise drone gauss randomdigits rated truetree
Created 2020-06-06
Last Modified 2020-06-06
by 5 people.
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Description A collab with RandomDigits [].

We slept on this one and it's all the better for it.

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incredible map

everything fits together so well. NUMA needs more cactus maps.
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Yeah fav'd

There's such a nice sense of space through the level. There's a real atmosphere shift between each area, which remain softly defined yet entirely cohesive. I think the atmospheric shifts are partially due to the different ways you move with the ninja in each area, springing between bounceblocks, clambering over the cacti, a sense of floating (or at least a recognition of being in the air a little longer) in that jump to the exit key. I love the bounceblock you can jump into on your way down from the starting position too. Sense of solitude in the little gold nugget area. Defs one of my favs of the year
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So good. I'll post a demo when i get a sec
plays well. I like the simplicity and the tiles
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Bookmarked to play later


lovely and open. this is almost an agd.
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Here is a counterclockwise AGD.
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Here is a clockwise AGD.
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