Variety Hour

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Author Kablizzy
Tags 1.4 action ampersand author:kablizzy legacy playable unrated
Created 2020-06-22
Last Modified 2020-06-22
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Description I love maps that give the player an obvious way to go, but then punish the player for going that way - I also love maps that space out bits of gold all across the map, because I believe that can add to speed runs, and many layers of innovation in ways that clumped gold can't do.

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i've grazed the edge of death and narrowly evaded it is immense. At first I was really intimidated by the openness of this map, but the lack of ledges to grab onto makes this level infinitely more intense and entertaining. This is one of those levels that makes me frustrated when I die not because of the design of the level or the placement of enemies, but because of the stupid little mistakes or decisions that I make. It's a rollercoaster ride from end to end and I love it.

Don't have a run yet but I will hopefully soon

5 awesome map

I had fun

I was pretty determined to get all the gold, I didn't but I got a lot of it.
I liked the multiple exits. Cool map.
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