Underground Tunnel

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset finale rated
Created 2020-08-28
Last Modified 2020-08-28
by 9 people.
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Description This is my final map; a remake of my first map []. I'll still be around, but I can't afford to keep wasting time mapping.

Here [] is an unfinished mappack that I made a year ago. Was planning to make it a 15-20 map pack, but I forgot about it. It's entitled "Blood Roses for Undying Love."

Thank you for playing my maps.

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like the rest of us.

hey Sunset

hope you're well man


all (good) things come to an end

All the best!

You've had an impressive map output over the years, quality and quantity :) Look forward to any stray maps if any surface, but totally get needing to ditch distractions x

see you around

something something hotel numa

I return and you leave. I’m big sad.

We still gonna love you Sunset <3
I was sporadic as well while studying. Wasn't until last year I got time back to enjoy. Do what you have to :D
I agree with Dagga on activities that won't distract you from your studies. anyhow, hope to see another kickass complex Sunset map in the future!


I did the same thing when I was studying. I wish you well in your studies. I like this kind of tunnel map. The thwumps are really cool. The bit where I died is tough!
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Taking time to focus on maps sure does take a huge chunk of time that could be spent on other, probably more important things. Its sad news today, but I definitely can see where are you coming from with this decision.

l8r sk8r

you can always make another map 3 years from now ;^)
Demo Data

That makes sense. You gotta do what you gotta do, at the end of the day. Replace the time you'd like to spend on this with time focused on another leisure activity instead.

Something you can't idly flip to when trying to focus on work, like hiking or whatever, could be great.
to be able to focus on more than one thing at once, and it's sort of an issue if I have to buckle down and focus on my studies. I decided this purely for my well-being and to plan for the future. N *is* a fun, leisurely activity, but I find myself being distracted by it when I need to be working, more than I do spending my free time playing it.

Be what it be.

There's always time to sneak in a map once a year or whatever, so don't think of it as a waste of time.

I have had a few friends over the years who buy into that kind of ideology, that the things you enjoy are wastes of time, and it's best to cut them out one by one.

What are you left with, then? Nothing you enjoy.

I'm not saying you enjoy making maps, or that you should spend all your time doing it; make time for the things you do enjoy, and don't cut good things out for productivity you may still not achieve.

Good that you'll still be around, like me, never making levels, though. :)