Ninja Playground in a Giant Dino Skull

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Author frankytrees
Tags action author:frankytrees rated
Created 2020-09-10
Last Modified 2020-09-10
by 5 people.
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Description It's a dino skull.


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Thanks guys

RandomDigits I've been mapping now on Nv2 since maybe March or April. I've seen some of your stuff on there and I liked it. I'm Frank_F on there.

jasdanu, glad to see you remember me. It's been quite some's good to be back :)
Matty. I had to go through your old account to remember who you were (I have a few maps of yours faved and that's when it hit me).

Love the map. Chaingun works really well.
This is really good. The teeth provide just the enough hiding spots and the jumps are well planned. Have you been mapping for long?
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