Going Home

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Author RandomDigits
Tags author:randomdigits birds collab floorguard rated rocket truetree
Created 2020-09-25
Last Modified 2020-09-25
by 5 people.
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Description Collab with Etothetaui []

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this was enjoyable. Had a real chill vibe to it. I thought I commented before, but I must have only imagined it...

Attractive map

Can we save maps for later still? My memories fuzzy. I'll be back in a few weeks or less once things settle down with work and I can dust off the PC and old txt files. Might need some help finding the IRC if it's up. Good seeing you active, RD! See you again soon!

I'm finally home.

But what do these mine trios represent?

i like the birds

dodging the rockets was fun too
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