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Author mathy
Tags author:mathy confusing logic masyu puzzle unrated
Created 2020-10-05
Last Modified 2020-10-05
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Description Masyu is a type of logic puzzle developed by Nikoli. You have a grid that contains some black pearls (here 8 tiles) and white pearls (here 4 tiles). You must draw a loop that passes through all the pearls satisfying these conditions:

At a white pearl the loop must pass straight through. However, it must turn adjacent to the pearl on at least one side.

At a black pearl the loop must turn, but it must pass straight through on both adjacent cells.

There is only one unique solution, which can be travelled in either of two directions.

You can submit demos, but try to complete it without any spoilers.

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Great concept.

I really like these meta-games inside n and this implementation is particularly clever. Chambers (pearls) are a bit cumbersome to traverse but that doesn't subtract from the puzzle solving fun.