The Fall of Rome

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Author frankytrees
Tags action author:frankytrees unrated
Created 2020-11-18
Last Modified 2020-11-18
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Description Part 2 of 2

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interesting take

I can see that. There are definitely different feels for the three major sections of the map.


sometimes its hard to put into words how a map 'feels' to play, personally I like to pay test my maps until I have a solid agd and think the map FEELS good. haha Part one of this is a better example of what im talking about. Part one has more flow and 'feels' more refined.


I mean that it doesn't flow well into the different sections. If feels like i'm playing two different maps. The double gauss pressure could be good but I don't think the tiles work well to make the game play feel open, like the bottom left section you have this cramped space with the rocket but you feel like you have space and mobility, the gauss section has more open tiles but the gameplay is restricted more.

thanks man

can I ask what you mean when you say disjointed? Just so I can keep that in mind for future builds. Cheers.
bottom rocket section is really good imo, the rest feels a bit disjointed.