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Author frankytrees
Tags action author:frankytrees rated
Created 2020-11-23
Last Modified 2020-11-23
by 6 people.
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Description If you're reading a new map :)

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posted some maps

Thanks y'all!

Losttortuga is definitely a big influence. And DW40, I feel that, it's just great to see people's creations.

Nice map

I've been trying to do some mapping but I'm not making anything I can be proud of lately.

you have such a good eye for tiles, love they way it feels choppy but has good flow.
I really liked these shapes. Though they are abstract, my mind can almost make something out of them. They kind of look like a grey and white adaptation of some painting by MirĂ³ or Kandinsky.

Great map!

Some really fun and tricky moments. Wiggly shapes and pathing reminds me of losttortuga's recent maps a little. Very playful shapes and lines throughout the tileset. Nice one!
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