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Author Addicted_Ancestor
Tags action author:addicted_ancestor playable unrated
Created 2020-11-25
Last Modified 2020-11-25
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Description it sits twinkling in the stars

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there is probably adequate cover on this map
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So, I played this on Nv2 (as I do most maps) and thus don't have a demo for you unfortunately. The first couple times I played it, I could complete the map, but was only able to get a bit of gold and was frustrated by the triple chainguns. But then I read Hindi's comment and gave it another honest shot and got an all gold completion minus one piece. It is challenging to maneuver, but once you find a route, it's fun to see all the near misses while dodging.

Hey AA

I feel like I remember you from about ten years ago. How long have you been on this site?
I really like how this map allows for great manoeuvrability and incentivizes improvisation and big jumps. As I've commented before, I find chainguns in open spaces such as this really challenging (at least if one aims for agd) and this is no exception. This is, however, even more fun than it is hard.

Anyway, the demo is a very clumsy and still kind of cool agd because I managed to land safely (without splattering on the ground) after beating it.
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