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Author Hindi
Tags author:hindi thuwmp unrated
Created 2020-11-30
Last Modified 2020-11-30
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Description Like a tightrope. But they are not tight and there are no ropes.

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the launch actually works better becasue the thwumps are behind the object that you bounce off of. You can achieve the same thing with other thwumps, tiles, bounceblocks, oneways, and unlocked or locked doors. the oneway-thwump launch glitch is super weird because normally n would just pass through the oneway but if its left or right facing you can manipulate a good launch out of it.
I like how they can display some weird behaviour even without manually editing the game data.

It's also neat how versatile they can be and how that can allow for different ways to play the same map. That "launch pad + thwump" mechanic had not occurred to me before watching your demo (I had placed launch pads within tile grooves precisely to try to prevent that), but it turned out to be a much more efficient way to finish the map.


there are so many thwump mechanics/glitches its nuts. the most broken objects in v1.4 imo
The "launch pad + thwump" jump wasn't even the originally intended mechanic for the map, but it does make completion all the more fun.
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fun map, i like thwump mechanics.
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