Trees and fireflies

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Author Hindi
Tags ambiance author:hindi unrated
Created 2020-12-01
Last Modified 2020-12-08
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Description One of my only takes on a more atmospheric map (I think it's the third I've ever submitted). I tried to include some fun jumps, both long and short, as well as some gauss bottleneck challenges.

However, to be honest, I didn't like it that much when I played it (repeatedly). I guess it doesn't have the nice flow and difficulty balance I was hoping it to have. I'm open to constructive criticism.


Edit: Took me a while, but I finally edited the map. Among other changes, many mines were removed; tiles were slightly adjusted; gold is placed sparsely now; one of the zap drones was removed and one of the seeking drones was replaced by two regular ones. Oh, I also changed the name from "shrubs" to "trees and fireflies", I figure it makes sense and is more immersive now that they are in 1:1 scale to n's size.

Maybe repeated testing has made me somewhat numb to the overall difficulty of the map, but I think this version is considerably easier and all difficulty spikes are gone. Each section, though not easy per se, is still pretty doable on its own.

Anyway, thanks once again to thereisaspoon and frankytrees for their constructive criticism.

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this is a sloppy example of what I believe the fastest route to be.
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I guess most of my maps are centred around a single mechanic, but this wasn't supposed to be so different. The were only two main mechanics this time: gauss + mines on the top of the trees (plus gauss bottlenecks between sections) and drones + mines between their trunks. But I did mess up with the difficulty and had added a drone on the upper part for no reason, which is now removed.

I hope it feels more consistent throughout now, both regarding appearance and difficulty.

PS: I guess they do look much more like trees than shrubs, thereisaspoon and Meanapple.

Yeah those are some amazing trees gg
I'll soon post an easier, improved version of this map.

This is beautiful to look at. Really great work with the tiles. It's a little frustrating for me to navigate though. I would prefer it to be more open for me to explore the tiles and figure out the quickest route. Similar to thereisaspoon, I would say that it might come down to skill level, but I would have liked less enemies overall.

i also think its a matter of skill and a more skilled player would probably have a different take on the 'feel' of the map. Like if the map was easier because i was better at the game i would probably have a different opinion.


The tiles look like Dr. Seuss trees which is dope. The gameplay felt very old-school, but I don't think it fit with the atmosphere. Its hard to explain but the mechanics of the map feel at odds with the tiles. The left gauss mine combo was to much after the chaser drone mine sections imo. Taking out some of if not all of those mines would loosen up the tension a lot. I want to jump around in the trees but there are too many spines to explore. The gold is fun to collect except for the first bit shoved in the 2 tile but also feels out of place, maybe have the gold look like fruit from the trees or like grass. Your maps are normally centered around a single mechanic. I think that would work well here to create a more consistent feel throughout.