continental drift 2: tokyo drift

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Author ska
Tags action author:ska episodic metanet race rated rockets
Created 2021-01-19
Last Modified 2021-01-24
by 7 people.
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Description First map in 10 months. Kind of a race-themed map designed for AGD runs. Enjoy! :)

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slow but smooth agd

that starting climb is really special, agree with macro. the whole thing plays way more like a well-calibrated race than anticipated from the chunky tiles - amazing work
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Imo, this one is feature-worthy.

I really like it 5

pretty cool!
macro showing he's still got immense skill.


It's not sub-800, nor is it sub-1000, lol. All my small misses add up at the end to a nice traffic jam. Really well built and fun to play. The precision here is special, everything runs like clockwork.
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Nice one, the ascent in the left half feels so good.
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A sub-800 agd should be possible, but it would take a really good run, I think...
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