Knicky Knacky

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Author neveragain
Tags action author:neveragain nevermore rated
Created 2021-02-10
Last Modified 2021-02-10
by 11 people.
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Description Is this thing on?

nevermore here popping my head in after a decade or so. Lost the password to my old account. How's everyone? Older, wiser, I hope!

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jasdanu's agd is fire. nice one.


fun map

those rockets are really effective. solid map!
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40 frame clean and a first sub-1050 AGD

Might try for the sub-1000
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holy crap jasdanu that's a nice run.

fun lev, pure action. great reach on the rockets, somehow only one at a time making it feel very fair
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quoth NUMA,

But a sub-1100 AGD. Still not as clean as I would like it to be, but for now, I is happy :P
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Cleaned my run

Quite a bit. Still some room to clean.
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Those rockets worked so well. They were annoying but fun.
I fucked up so many moments of my run.
Plenty of room for cleaning and improvement.
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I like the rockets
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Well Well Well

Happy to see you again.
made me boot this ol' game up again. surprised to find i could actually play it! lovely little map here, i surely DO appreciate a map that makes me feel like a ninja instead of murdering me every half second
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We've got a discord now, we hang out in #nreality

Older, yes

Still dumb as a brick

This level rules!!! And of this I'm sure in spite of my ignorance

almost agd

i liked this level because i could actually complete it. i wonder the same thing about my own maps, i can't figure out how i was ever able to play this game properly. can't remember the last time i was actually able to complete a level too.

nice to see you, community ain't dead yet!
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All gold
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Why were all my old levels so HARD?? Ugh give me an easy fun map to zip around and I'm happy. This game is still beautiful.