Gold Mine

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Author Kaylab
Tags author:kaylab unrated
Created 2021-02-16
Last Modified 2021-02-17
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It's definitely unorthodox for one of my maps... This is a possible way to handle the map though...
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hey kaylab

first of all i think the tiles are really good, and i think the enemy placement in the first half of the map works well for the early pace of the beginning and such. i know there's a focus on symmetricality with the design but i feel like the difficulty curve once you edge towards the left ought to increase a little bit, especially since it takes a fair amount of time to get there. in that same vein i think the middle needs maybe something more as well. a floorguard on that top ridge might have been interesting, or maybe like a "thwump interlude", and then that left guass could have been a rocket or chaingun or something. and i think the path back to the exit is maybe too long especially since (in theory) all the gold has already been collected. i had fun playing it though, just some observations after the fact.