Constructive Feedback

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Author Kaylab
Tags alittlebitharder author:kaylab unrated
Created 2021-02-23
Last Modified 2021-02-23
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Description Recently, I've had quite a few comments claiming that they enjoyed my map. However, the AGD was a little bit too easy to come up with. These comments have come up again and again on consecutive maps now. With the warmest regards to these members of our society, I have come up with a map that is a little bit harder. Each of these wonderful pillars were designed with your lowest orifices in mind and were put together with love accordingly. Please enjoy.

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It is incredibly hard to climb them down, let alone climb them back up.
It's not about that comment haha. It's about around 100, all from different people haha. Thanks! Impressive demo.
(both demos put together with love accordingly)
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hs run.

i feel a little attacked lol. i hope my comment on your last map didn't upset you.

no exaggeration, i thoroughly enjoyed this map. i've always loved maps that were so hard that it's just stupid. it takes me back to when i first started playing this silly game.

have a 5 :)
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