Bedrock Coordinates

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Author RandomDigits
Tags adventure author:randomdigits cave landscape mine-jumper rated truetree
Created 2021-03-03
Last Modified 2021-03-03
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description though topsoil is thin and nutrients are sparse, ninjas benefit from having a much faster metabolism than the local flora, leaving behind few essential minerals and further weakening the ecosystem

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Sadist's verson? []

love that jump!

quick demo

precise stuff indeed
Demo Data

Very, precise...
With the same name on both versions.

Vanquish, I'm glad you persevered with that jump. I was hoping people would use it!

apse, it's interesting you mention that because I played around with no-jump on an early version of this map's tiles when it was rotated 90° ccw.

I'm happy to see such a range of demos :D
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And first

sub-500 agd
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Love how it plays. My run isnt all that great. But I like it so far.
Demo Data

slow agd

plays like a jump-only map.
Demo Data

ok bit faster agd

i would try to improve this but i got the cool devil number so i kinda wanna keep my run as is.
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man this is great

i ALMOST gave up on trying to exit through that jump across the mines thinking it was a red herring or something but im so glad it payed off. solid map man, really addictive too.
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how are baby ninjas made?
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