05.0 Long ago, they had a vision

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Author RandomDigits
Tags adventure author:randomdigits cave everything-was-fine ninja tile-art unrated
Created 2021-03-13
Last Modified 2021-03-13
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Description From my mappack EVERYTHING WAS FINE (The World Was Ours, Pt. II) (forum link to be added at some point? Who knows).

I made this entire episode last year.

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Nice tiles.

It feels like I'm playing in third person.
No, wait a second, don't I always play in third person?
very fun map to agd. these tiles are slick

slow agd:
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Love this. Cool tiles and a lovely homage.
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AGD. In the great words of Cold Play/Lazarbeam, "when you try a lot, but you're still a bot".
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