Lover's Rock

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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch jumper rated romantic
Created 2021-06-08
Last Modified 2021-06-08
by 9 people.
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Description For all the lovers.

Edit: on second thought I like this better

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beautiful map!

those tiles combined with the tight, quick gameplay make this map really solid!

rusty agd cause im too used to n++ physics now:
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Anyway, really like climbing maps despite being awful at them, specially when they incorporate nice tiles like so. Atmospheric gold placement is a nice touch as well.
Glad you folk like it!

flavor on point

very satisfying to climb up there
Representational tiles and objects, laid back exploration map with a few technical jumps, I like it!
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is a really good easy map with no enemies

Great demos ska

Still got it I see ;)

Great demos ska

Still got it I see ;)

speedrun / 182

This _might_ be maxed.
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560 agd / 136.000

Not gonna lie—I can't remember I had this much fun highscoring a map. This run is really clean, imo.
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Demo Data


Thanks for pointing that out bb, I was not aware. XD


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Demo Data

turns out

love is blind!

map 169. nice

the eyes gives them a marble statue quality