corn snake

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Author Arona_Daal
Tags atmosphere author:arona_daal climber dark gold medium rated
Created 2022-04-21
Last Modified 2022-04-21
by 5 people.
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Description ascend the incubator. do not pause to comprehend the damage to your brethren.

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love the first part, so many clever jumps that are smoother than they look like they will be! kept dying at the end trying to drop towards the door :(
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I especially like the beginning of this one, the clever use of the space makes for a unique map that starts out with all sorts of different jumps needed.

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You have

A really good sense of spacing with your jumps, and there are some really neat parts of this. The first gold cache on the left wit hthe single mine where you need to jump against the cieling before the mine to drift over to the next ledge, that is really cool.

It feels unrefined to me, but this could be a personal style thing. To me, this plays much better than it looks like it will, and (imo) that's better than the other way around.

Nice map.

"don't tread on me"

oh well
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thank you dagga!

no delay at all from my angle

nice agd ska, crazy fast

hello A_D

you are now able to review. sorry for the delay. looking forward to your review(s) :)


beautiful map. reminds me a bit of krusch mixed with yahoozy
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