22-1 - In a circle

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Author Pakment
Tags 22-1 author:pakment circle mines return unrated zap
Created 2022-05-24
Last Modified 2022-05-24
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Description Theme: Return

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Sub-1700-frame AGD

I wasn't keen on getting softlocked by taking the top route first. Also, you can go under the one-way platform on the middle-right by exploiting the one-way/bounceblock glitch, although I don't really think this is helpful in any way due to the layout of the switches.

Those points aside, I found this quite enjoyable to get a highscore run on.
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glad to see a new map from you! this one is especially fun. well placed gold, cyclical without being repetitive, quiet yet tense, with varied challenges throughout. i enjoyed it a lot.
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