22-2 - One way road

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Author Pakment
Tags 22-2 author:pakment corridors puzzle return trap unrated
Created 2022-05-28
Last Modified 2022-05-28
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Description Theme: Return

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pretty cool ya

fun brain teaser

this route worked best for me. Nice map :D
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Really cool!

Really liked this map. The flow was great. The setup was puzzling. The tileset could have been better though. I'd give 4/5

Improved on ska's path towards the lower left part. The bottom middle can be improved further.
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Slight improvement on Arona's route. Not sure if it's the most optimal one.
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Easier - just get the key and unlock access to the finish line.

More difficult - take the right paths to collect all the gold bars and not get stuck. Then get to the finish line, unlocking access to it beforehand.

agreed, very cool

hope this is the correct route!
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