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Author powerblip
Tags action author:powerblip dream drift medium rocket unrated
Created 2022-06-04
Last Modified 2022-06-04
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Go with the flow, but not too slow.
Find your own path or go for the gold.
Drifter won't drift unless you say so.

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It happens lol. nice run though, that rocket was a close call


didn't post that demo either? it was just one of those days :P i swear it was kind of like this
Demo Data

Update + Demo

I updated this map to make the gold a little easier to get.
- Gold was stacked too much and it interrupted the map flow, so I removed the extra gold. Props to Arona_Daal for completing it before this fix. ♥

I also did a full all gold run after the fix with the route I use. Enjoy!
Demo Data

Thank you ♥

I'm glad you liked it! This one is definitely a risky level design, but it's really satisfying to pull off precision routes on it. The chaingun gold is borderline impossible, in all honesty. It's really a choice of going for the rocket gold or the chaingun gold, I haven't actually pulled off a route getting both, so it's sort of a red herring.
welcome back :)

tough gold by that chaingun. really enjoyed falling thru the air in this map, and climbin up on the right side. nice post!