sol VII.c humdrum

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Author DW40
Tags author:dw40 sol unrated
Created 2022-06-10
Last Modified 2022-06-10
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good point - it's a bad habit of mine to put gold too out of the way that it's not worth collecting (like the rightmost gold here), because I don't test my maps with hs/sr in mind.
...but i'd like to see an optimal agd route.

oh wow

sick run mohit thanks

Fuck 96-4

This level rocks. Highly replayable.
Took me hours to get this run. 😅
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different level

but yeah 96-4 is ass. Your take is much more dynamic.

yeah, 96-4 back and forth? i hate that level from the original. I challenged myself to make a similar level that i would actually like to play

powered through it

kinda. Reminds me of that og 1.4 Metanet level, dont know its name though
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title is counterintuitive. this is a rush!
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