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Author powerblip
Tags action author:powerblip hard trap unrated
Created 2022-06-17
Last Modified 2022-06-17
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Description ◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙

If a plant had a soul, would we notice?
Are there paths within their leaves?
Too often we rush, only goal in mind.
This is how we become caught up in thorns.

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Interesting map

creative and atmospheric. The launchpad squeeze was maybe a little too stringent to figure out under pressure of the laser drone. I like it otherwise.

Nice run!

Whew, that was a good run. You almost had a perfect run; escaping that thwump can be quite tricky :D I'm glad you liked it.


very cinematic, very cool
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