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Author jugglingenius
Tags author:jugglingenius dda rated
Created 2006-01-05
by 20 people.
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Description Uh...6 rockets launcers, 7 gauss turrets, 2 laser drones, 2 chain gun drones and 1 N (or ninja guy, depending on you personal preferance) ...need i say more? Actually, Yes i need to hit one in n-edit mode before you start, or you are toast. Also, this is a DDA, A.K.A. DON'T DO ANYTHING!
P.S. heres the link to the first of the Mayhems...

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i hereby revoke

your right to tell people to use fewer enemies. :D


Wow lol that was really good.

I dont understand

this is by far better then my mass mayhem (the first one) but its rated lower. Plus, if you are going to rate down my maps please tell me why!




Dark Smiley if you like the laser drones in that one you should check out the ones in my map "lazer tag" (im to lazy to include the link to it so you just have to click my name and find it)


i came, i saw, a i liked it! 5/5


I like the close calls of the lazer drones.


4.75/5 (5/5)


Waaays too short. i want something that makes you go WOW as soon as you play it, this just doesn't pack a punch.