The Three Thwump Grand Prix

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-01-06
Last Modified 2006-01-06
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description Beat the three thwumps.

Be super fast.

Borrows the general concept of formica's "Triliogy".

Post demos.

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Anyway, if you feel so strongly about maximo or sendy, just go rate all their maps five to bring them up the all authors list!


I was joking guys. None of that stuff is true.
And must say it's the first "race" map I've ever enjoyed. I don't typically like them at all. It's great how you've etched the ceilings for jumping but it's not perfect so you can't flow through it every time. Anyway, so far it's very good.
And must say it's the first "race" map I've ever enjoyed. I don't typically like them at all. It's great how you've etched the ceilings for jumping but it's not perfect so you can't flow through it every time. Anyway, so far it's very good.

I know.

I've been checking back here just to see if you had replied to my comment.

I also miss some of your deleted maps. I had a few in my favorites a while ago and now I can never enjoy them again. *gets all teary-eyed*

Like you, the maps of mine that you can see are only a fraction of all that I have created. This isn't because I delete them, but because I never submitted them to NUMA at all. Many were lost when my old computer got wiped. Also, it may very well be true that ratings have become alot more lax, but perhaps... just perhaps... the quality of maps has improved as well. Surely this is true of certain categories, like N Art. The N Arts of yore would probably receive much lower ratings if submitted today, just because of the new standards emerging. Still, what you said is all good and true. I am basically agreeing with you, most likely. I am really looking forward to this new series of levels you will be making. Honestly, I've been getting tired of all the maps recently!

Oops, gotta go! I think wellsj just made a new map. *readies 4.5 selection* Thanks, you trusty ratings!
I don't think it is completely. You say people don't recognize good maps or quality effort, but I think you're looking in the wrong place. You can't simply look at the rankings on Numa to get what you want out of opinions. You should be asking those you trust to give you an honest opinion of your map. I really enjoy your maps a lot, I haven't been playing N for long, just about 3 months, but MTI is one of probably my 5 favorite I've ever played. The end of your comment makes me think you're being sarcastic, but if not, what is the difference in your defintion of a level vs. a map?

And I'll post a demo of this soon, I just wanted to respond to your post before I forgot I had something to say.

Either way, good luck with your future map/level making.
I've submitted about 300. I just delete a lot of them. I regret it, now. If you notice, none of my maps before MTI even exist anymore. Alas, they are gone forever. I miss my D&D levels.

Back then, it was harder to get a 4. Most of my maps were made back in that fabled golden age. Anymore, every decent N art is given a 4 or higher and any playable action map gets at least a 3.5. It seems like the standards of quality have been reduced. Any half-good level is 4.5, so there's no real need to strive for excellence any longer. I'm under the distinct impression that I could submit garbage and get at least a 3--and I proved it a while back with an experiment on NUMA.

Why the long-winded exposition? Eh. I'm building to something. I doubt anyone will check this map again after I'm done typing all this, but I feel as though it may be worth it.

I believe that I've had more map output than any member aside from, perhaps, Sendy. I believe that folks like Maximo, Nevermore, Sendy, Echarin, MasterJmd, and Formica don't get the credit they deserve for excellence in map-making. First off, they've made a lot of good maps. Second off, they've made a lot of maps. Why someone with ten 4.5 maps should be rated more highly than someone with ten 4.5 maps and fourty 4 maps is far beyond me. The level of excellent achieved by these greats goes wholly unnoticed. I still play Maximo's maps from time to time. I'd rather browse the map listing of Sendy than that of any of the top ten authors.

The truth of the matter is that if Sendy resubmitted all of her maps or if Maximo resubmitted all of his, they would (or at least "should") get all 4.5's by modern NUMA standards. Trust me, no one's skills have really greatly improved since those days. The modern NUMA members certainly aren't a cut above those of the golden era. The rating system has grown lax. People see the name "blue_tetris" and the give the map 4's and 5's. People see the name "wellsj" or "Templex" and they do the same. If I submitted the same map as some random newbie, I'd get a 4.5 and he'd get a 2.

There's no sense to it any more.

That's why, after long deliberation, I've decided that I'm going to stop making maps. It's an art form that has become like poison to me now. I try my hand at making a new creative map and I suddenly realize that if I make a crappy map, you'll all enjoy it just as much and it will be just as notable as any one of my classics. I feel like creating the next great map would be a waste of my time. I wonder if there are even critics of my work (and everyone else's, for that matter) who are even concerned about the beauty, elegance, style, playability, excitement, and uniqueness that attracted me to making N maps in the first place. So, I reiterate, I shall no longer be making any maps...

...I'm going to make levels from now on. Seriously, why was I making maps before? Obviously maps are for sailing the seven seas and levels are for playing. Now, before anyone starts getting teary-eyed, I'd like to announce that my levels from here on out are going to be quite similar to maps. They'll be two-dimension (though a map typically is presented from a top-down angle) and they'll be very fun. However, there will be a key difference. While everyone else is making maps, I shall be making levels.

So, when you go to rate my levels, take into account that they are not maps--and levels are better than maps and therefore deserve all 5's.

by the way

happy 100th map! i <3 you, b_t!


but somewhat anticlimactic for your 100th map. perhaps you did put alot of hard work into it, but compared to your other stuff, this seems a little bit thrown together. i give it a low 4/5.


Well realised too.
And fun.

It could be better thought out, in terms of things like having to go back over the obstacles... but it's nonetheless a very good map.


dr. tetris

great job

this was fun... happy 100th tetris!

happy tripl digits

from NUMANS (NUMA Noob Society)

+ 0.5 for good luck LOL

MERRY 1()()

merry 100th map


It's good, but I don't think it's as good as some of your others.

Happy 100th

Pretty darn fun and gosh darn pleasing to the eyez.
Thanks Mr tetris, sir.