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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-01-07
by 79 people.
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Description Another map I've had laying around for ages.
This is quite different from my usual style. Actually kinda reminds me of Heartview's maps.

It's basically a machine that constantly throws drones down at you, hindering your progress to the top. Think about how you're gonna get out from the top though, those drones have a tendency to get in the way.
Thanks to the guys in #n for encouraging me to post this (ages ago).

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really fun

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but interesting how the drones in my demo form into 2 'packs'. As krusch said a couple of years ago: this is a VERY VERY clever map.
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its kinda easy and hard and ive only got 2 colours (Australia way doing "colour" :|) anyway,great level for bitesized and like 50+ votes. Can you please teach me how to make these great levels? If you can just go on my latest level and type on the comment. Also 5/5 and faved. great level!

A great idea

Fun map... as you can see in my replay, I was a little afraid of dropping back in after hitting the exit switch. ;-)
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Cool map.

Cool concept. 4.5/5
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only 4.5

but then, i have high standards


Nice map.
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A map this good surely deserves more than a 2. Eletric raindrops keep falling on me head! One evin zapped me!!!!
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That guy...?



Sorry : it was a comment for an other map: definite 4.5


It was very fun. But too easy and too short 2.5/5


i liked it, it was very fun, but the map is too small 4.5/5


All gold replay.
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No deal

I like it as an action map. 5/5


You can sorta turn this into a survival map.
See how many times you can get up and down. Up being "into the exit switch area" and down being "touching the one-way floor".


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anyways, great map

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Dear Lord! Lucidium is back! Yay! Great map, by the way. 5/5. Great to see you back.


5 with 29

I must say that although this deserves it, some of your maps deserve it more.


just wow. The way the drones are like rapid fire is whats good about this map. They go and circulate! Fantastic, definite 5.


Fantastic map. 5/5
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how can anyone

not like this map. this is really really good.

Love this map

I remember seeing it on the IRC ages ago. Here's an all-gold demo.
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My first completion.

Really great map.
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Guess my rating for it.


design, nice play, nice difficulty

All good!



As usual. The way you can sort of combine the drones is really cool. This kind of innovation deserves a definite 5.


Clever, clever level design.
Really super clever.
Lots of fun too.
I love the way they don't attack you from below, that is beautifully designed.
Really well done.

VERY fun

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VERY fun

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Is crazier obstacle placement. Nothing ridiculous, but the setup now makes it a lil blah... JUST a lil' (4.5/5)