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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-01-07
by 39 people.
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Description Something a bit different. Time is a huge factor here... get to the exit before the drone does. Watch the lines at the bottom to see the drone getting closer and closer...

Completion is pretty fun, but trying for all-gold is where the real excitement is. Enjoy.

"Alexander, our older brother, set out for a great adventure"
~ The Arcade Fire

This map was featured on 2008-07-02

"Alexander" is Sweep at his best. Timers in maps have been around forever (think trilogy) but Alexander was the first of its kind. The clever use of the antennas of the drones as a time bar is sheer brilliance. The map itself has limited threats but the tension created by the drones makes it a great play. The mine and gold placement is superb adding to the fun. — Evil_Bob

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Very fun.

Awesome timing and placement. 5aved.
The Drone Timer is original! 5/5

All gold

i found it quite easy
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it's a mac...

enough said
My computer's a Mac, so anyone with the same computer might have a better idea what to do.

So annoyed!

I'm trying to download this, but my computer says "The document can't save the document" ! And I've read through the directions like 4 times!! Can anyone help?

great fun

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Well made medium difficulty game play with a great concept.

cool map


Here's my AGD

Beat sweep. Not tktktk though. =/
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Sweep at his best.
People didn't like my map as much though.
People didn't like my map as much though.


Reminds me of Jaws.


RE: Wellsj...
Well, it's perfect for some people, and not for others. Fair enough if you'd like it earlier... feel free to change it when you play it.
RE: Mystery Power
You're a wang.

I'll leave it at that.


check this map to


Great concept. If you're too slow, you're doomed. Excellent map, man.


Is amazingly brilliant. I have been trying to include the anteanna think for a long time ( I did in this map actualy But I never thought of using it as a timer. Even if I did i couldn't have pulled it off as well as you did. 5/5 and faved (It prabably is already on bitesize numa but I am gonna check).


nice map! i think the drone shoulda hit you earlier
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Surprisingly fun.

That actually felt quite tense. Cool take on the drone race, sweep.
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Fair enough.

I do know what you mean... but, it kinda came out that way, and whilst at first I sorta grimaced, I've come to really like the tileset.


I agree with turtle. Generally I prefer it when maps either stick to a tile pattern or vary it completely, not in between. That's just me though.

99turtle99 -

What's wrong with the tileset? I know it doesn't stick to the same style all over, but it's pretty freeform and I actually think it's kinda cool.

Great concept



I love it, i mean really, but the tileset really bugs me...



And fun!
imma give you a 5/5 for this, ive never seen a good jumper for a few days on NUMA like this.

Faster all-gold...

You asked for it, bub.
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Really cool

I love the fin effect. And the Arcade Fire are amazing.
Fav'd -

Pretty fast.

But you should try and beat my all-gold time. All-gold is t3h fun0rz.

Speed demo...

Easily beaten, though.
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This time is definitely beatable, have a go.
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