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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-01-09
by 34 people.
Map Data

Description I've had this one lying around for a while too. It started off as a proof of concept, and I only recently made it into a full map.
The last part is optional extra gold, but you need to be doing very well to get all of it. You can get past a drone during the U-turn, which will help.
I'm still not entirely happy with this map, but I'd be tweaking it forever if I didn't just post it. I might try to improve on the basic idea later.

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fastest agd

props to van on the route.
Demo Data
..even after all these years..

Demo Data

Agd (underclocked)

4, cauz is a little too hard.
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Took forever, but an AGD is possible!
Demo Data

AGD minus 3

Arghhh. Got this one on the first try after posting the previous one. Should have waiting longer I guess.
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AGD minus 7

Getting closer
Demo Data
All but 10 gold. I don't know if agd is possible, but I'll keep trying.
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Very nice.

but just too hard for me.


so, muc, h, close, calls...
In order to get the optional gold, do you have to beat the first drone when you first get to the third line? Is that even possible, or do you have to beat the first drone to the switch on the fourth line? I'm so close.

Nice level,

but it's too hard for me...

I did it...

... but without the extra gold. Another great map!
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Pwning concept you've got there.

Completion demo.

I've left out the optional gold though, wouldn't want to give everything away!
For the second run, with the mines. Try not jumping, it should make it easier.
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Dang it...

I always screw up around there, a millimeter farther than where LouDog died. Excellent map, although brutally difficult.
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further than I got!



of trial and error. I think I'll have to wait to play this for later. Sweet idea.
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Nice Idea

Another good one from you, Lucidium.