Time Is On My Side

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-01-09
Last Modified 2006-01-09
by 74 people.
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Description Yes, it is.

This is quite the puzzling puzzle. For the most part, it's a race against time... however, there are a few challenges of timing which you may also find difficult.

Anyway, play this level!! Now.

(Oh, and I agree that it's a bit of a misnomer, but it was the best title I could think of.)



TETRIS WANT EAT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Love that Map
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Great fun.

Speedy Demo.
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And did anyone else notice that the very first demo that Kablizzy posted the exact same demo that LV did?

Nice try Blizzers . . .

Although I suppose you never did explicitly say that you were attaching a demo YOU created . . .
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B3st m4p 3v4r.

Very awesome puzzle. I think it's very well thought-out. It's exciting and fun, and I'm going to definitely play it again, some time when I return to this page. Five ninjas, out of a total of five.

And just for your viewing pleasure, I'll attach an all-gold run, to go along with it.
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Stop making near-impossible maps blue_tetris!!! You're the reason I was stuck on 88-4 for 4-5 MONTHS!

And the worst part is, it's because you make the stupid impossible maps so well, that everyone has to rate them 5. Even me! I hate you!!!!
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Very cool. Fived and faved


i was going to rate this a 0.5/5 but my hand conveniantelly slipped and i rated it a 5/5 :)
What was that about

I love you.

Lots and Lots and Lots.

Damn Snipers

hate em'


great map

It's killing me!

I can't play this map on this computer however much I want to.
I have to wait 2 more days to get my PC back.
I'll play it then.
And you'll get to hear how much I love you.
for puzzles only

5 and favorited

this is way better than those N-arts. This is AWESOME!!!
IMO: This deserves *at least* a couple of weeks in the top ten. beyond 500th in the playable levels ranking. There's no feasible way that 11 fives could go that low with just a few threes.
here's another 5 for you.

And how do you know they were zeros?


All gold but one.

I like this map.
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And they were three zeroes, as well. Jealousy does not look good on you, phantom losers. rate this map down a bit. Wow. And all fives was looking so spectacular. Anyway, it was all fives up to 11 votes--moreover, I have proof in the form of an image.

slow, but whatever.

A fun map.
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should go back and learn french. Completition by me.
*agrees with LV* very well thought-out.
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Great map! 5 and faved!
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Blue_tetris u have make many maps and EVERY map is good!

That's a hella run.

Like hella times eleven.

Best Map Ever.

Awesome puzzle. Obviously well thought-out. It's fun and exciting, and I'll certainly be coming back to play it again. Five out of five.

And just for you, here's an all-gold run to go along with it.
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